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Bare Ground , Total Vegetation Control

Bare Ground Total Vegetation Herbicide

A bare ground / total vegetation herbicide will kill everything in its path and continue to kill for upwards of a year. There are perfect for industrial sites, road ways, gravel areas, driveways, etc.

Land Management herbicides help keep weeds from growing on roadsides, energy transportation corridors, industrial sites, storage areas, military installations, pipelines and other service areas to help reduce damage to structures and improve safety to people and wildlife. 

Pramitol is a great bareground total vegetation herbicide. Pramitol 25E is a nonselective herbicide that can be applied in water or oil before or after plant growth begins. Although Pramitol 25E has considerable activity through foliar contact, much of its activity is through roots; therefore, its effectiveness is dependent on rainfall to move it into the root zone. Very dry soil conditions and lack of sufficient rainfall may result in poor weed control. Use only in areas where complete control of all vegetation is desired, such as industrial sites, right-of-way, lumberyards, petroleum tank farms, around farm buildings, and along fence lines. When applied to the soil, this product usually inhibits plant growth for a year or more.

This weed killer controls Johnson grass, bindweed and other hard to kill weeds. Pramitol 25E is generally non-corrosive to equipment, but may cause swelling or more rapid deterioration of hoses and fittings containing natural rubber. It comes in a 1 gallon container. The active ingredient in Pramitol is: Prometon: 2, 4-bis (isopropylamino-6-methoxy-s-triazine 25%). Pramitol 25E contains 2 lbs. Prometon per gallon.

Controls Johnsongrass, bindweed and other hard to kill weeds

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