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Altosid 30-Day Briquets Mosquito Control

    Altosid 30-Day Briquets Mosquito Control

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    Stops mosquitoes where they start. Kills mosquito larvae before they can develop into troublesome adults, minimizing the spread of breeding, biting and disease spreading mosquitoes.

    Target Pest = Mosquito larvae Includes 100 Dunks

    Contains (S)-Methoprene, a proven Insect Growth Regulator (IGR).

    Prevents mosquito larvae from becoming breeding, biting adults.

    Provides up to 30 days of control in standing water.

    Will not affect fish, waterfowl, mammals or beneficial predatory insects.

    Convenient, no-hassle application.

    How It Works

    With the increased threat of mosquito-borne diseases, your customers need your help. The Altosid® 30-Day Briquet provides the solution. Each pack contains 100 Altosid Briquets-everything you need to provide complete control of mosquito larvae before they become breeding, biting adult mosquitoes. With the small pack case, you can treat a variety of standing waters sites, where mosquitoes can breed. And, you don't have to worry about the hassles of ongoing maintenance-a single application provides consistent, slow release control you can count on. Simply apply one briquet per 100 square feet of surface area.

    Application Sites

  • Bird baths
  • Atrium areas
  • Retention ponds
  • Industrial and office parks
  • Ornamental ponds & fountains
  • Gutters
  • Water gardens
  • Rain barrels
  • Pool covers
  • Puddles
  • Horse troughs and other animal drinking water receptacles
  • Other water-holding receptacles

    ALTOSID® 30-Day Briquets

    Stop mosquitoes where they start.

    Catch basins, ponds, lakes, roadside ditches and surface water receptacles are all locations where ongoing maintenance is necessary, but often impractical. A single application of ALTOSID® 30-Day Briquets provides the solution, by ensuring consistent, slow-release control for up to 30 days.

    Compared with B.t.i., ALTOSID 30-Day Briquets provide much more effective control. That's because (S)-Methoprene, the IGR in ALTOSID products, is consumed or absorbed by mosquito larvae. ALTOSID 30-Day Briquets can be hand-applied by operators on foot or in moving vehicles, saving you time and money.

    Altosid® Briquets: Application

    Where can ALTOSID® Briquets be applied?

    ALTOSID Briquets are designed to control mosquitoes in small bodies of water. Application sites include:

  • storm drains
  • catch basins
  • roadside ditches
  • fish ponds
  • artificial water-holding containers
  • cesspools and septic tanks
  • waste treatment and settling ponds
  • flooded crypts
  • transformer vaults
  • abandoned swimming pools

    For application sites connected by a water stream, such as storm drains or catch basins, all of the water - holding sites in the system should be treated to maximize treatment efficiency.

    Briquets can be applied by hand or with an arrow gun or sling shots.

    ALTOSID® 30-Day Briquets

    When should ALTOSID® 30-Day Briquets be applied?

    ALTOSID 30-Day Briquets can be placed in the proper sites throughout the mosquito season. Under continuous wetting, the treatment needs to be repeated approximately every 30 days and continued through the last brood of the season. ALTOSID 30-Day Briquets can be placed at any stage of larval development. This insect growth regulator has no effect on mosquitoes which have reached the pupal or adult stage prior to treatment.

    At what application rate should ALTOSID 30-Day Briquets be applied?

    For mosquito control in shallow depressions up to two feet deep with no flow or low-flow, treat the surface area by placing one ALTOSID 30-Day Briquet per 100 square feet. For mosquito control in water subject to flow or deeper than two feet, treat by volume. Apply one ALTOSID 30-Day Briquet per 10 cubic feet, or 75 gallons of water. See the ALTOSID 30-Day Briquet Specimen Label for exact rates.

    ALTOSID® XR Extended Residual Briquets

    When should ALTOSID XR Briquets be applied?

    ALTOSID XR Briquets can be placed before or during the mosquito season. Apply ALTOSID XR Briquets prior to flooding when the sites are dry, or on snow and ice in breeding sites prior to spring thaw. Under normal conditions, one application should last the entire mosquito season, or up to 150 days. Alternate wetting and drying will not reduce ALTOSID XR Briquet's effectiveness.

    At what application rate should ALTOSID XR Briquets be applied?

    For control of the Aedes and Psorophora spp. in shallow depressions less than two feet deep without flow or low-flow, place one briquet per 200 square feet. Place ALTOSID XR Briquets in the lowest areas of mosquito breeding sites to maintain continuous control as the site floods and dries up.

    To control Culex, Culiseta and Anopheles spp., place one ALTOSID XR Briquet per 100 square feet.

    For control of the Coquillettidia and Mansonia spp. in cattail marshes and water hyacinth beds place one ALTOSID XR Briquet per 100 square feet.

    For exact application information, see the ALTOSID XR Briquet Specimen Label.

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